Sunday, October 19, 2014

Daiso, where Malaysian shops

Well, I must admit, I love Daiso so much.
Maybe because everything is RM5, so I don't have to crack my mind to think whether I could afford it or not.

Look at my steal yesterday
I really need this dial lock. It comes in cute design too, a bonus!

Where can you can get these clear files for RM5? A real bargain!

Oookk. You can get a wayyy cheaper basket n AAA battery elsewhere, but.... hahha
I have seen a slightly cheaper A4 photoframe in other shop, but it doesn't have errr.. what do you call metal things at the back? That one la...

Have u seen d call bell and hand bell anywhere? At the eatery places? Yeah.. hahahha. Sometimes in a mundane day, I need to create games n all for d kids n d hand bell would come handy. As for call bell, I might use it for impromptu and reading session, itu pun kot korang (read: anak2 sedara) tak rosakkan ...

These r Saffa's. Her friend birthday is next Saturday. I do not know which one that she will get. I think they r cute for a 13-year-old girl. Dont u think so?

I love Daiso.

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