Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Eid Mubarak

1. All my siblings came back for korban n akikah. A blast!

2. It is always a great feeling seeing all my nieces n nephews mingling n go crazy with their stuff.

3. They had a barbecue on hari raya eve, I was still in 12A n doze off.

4. Despite all d rest I had, saya masih ngantuk.

5. The korban was smooth, many kampungfolks came to help.

6. My sisters memasak, soup, kurma daging, ayam goreng berempah, sayur rebus pucuk ubi  kangkung, ulam timun n kacang botol n of course.. salty fish.

7. Angah n Nik's family went back after Asar n Isya'. Sad!

8. I didnt talk much to my nieces this time, most of d time saya tidur. Ngan my sisters pun x sangat. On raya we were busy cooking for feast (they were, I was not), n Angah was down with fever too. Bad!

9. Yus family n Baby went back on Monday morning. Sad!

10. Since Acho is busy with korban at his friends' I offered to take Adiba to her boarding school. Mom n I  stuck in massive traffic jam. Duh!

11. As usual, musim raya saya tidur bersempit dengan Acho n Adik. Sempit betul rumah.. heh?

12. Anjang family went back today. Thats after Anjang habis kemas rumah. Baik betul.

13. While waiting for lunch, Saffa, Ilman I had talk. Ouchh..D longest conversation I had this festive season with nieces n nephews.

P/s tengok tu... diorang selfie x ajakpun mak andak

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