Saturday, November 01, 2014

ada market ke?

Ini cerita semalam.
Suddenly my lappy could not connect to internet. For a week I had try system restored method, but to no avail.

On Monday I had stressful presentation. Without internet connection, it was not go well. While having tea, d superior reminded me to ask all my teammates to hand in a certain document ASAP.

Masalah negaranya I have to download it before bossing ppl around.
On Tuesday, I had lots of catch up with d kids.
Wednesday, stuck with d event - whole day!
Thursday - I was on medical leave.

Friday was d only day I could see Yan n fixed things.
I was in his tiny and super cold room when someone peeped through d door.

"Check sikit, bilik kena pecah",  said d man in chrome yellow baju melayu suit.

Typical men.
If I were Yan, surely saya dah kelam kabut pergi sana sini.
Yan kept trying to save my old lappy while clicking few buttons on his pc.

"Seriously.. ada market ke benda tu?" I asked Yan. To be frank, since d first broke in (this is d third) d question keep ringing in my head.
"Bodoh!", was simply d answer from Yan.

Few mins later, another man in burgundy baju melayu suit with beautiful samping came by.
"Pergi tengok Yan. Saya dah penat menguruskan dah", he lamented.

From d first case, a lot of people claimed "saya penat menguruskan", while in my humble opinion, I can name someone else who worked harder, definitely not them.
A matter of opinion I guess:)

Yan, still unmoved. We talked a bit about those stolen things. They were old. Very old. I wonder, what use does it make to d thief. My 5 year old lappy pun dah selalu semput, inikan pula benda tu, which I shouldnt name.

Yan uttered "pencuri bodoh" few times. Which I totally agreed.
I left Yan at 11.10a.m for my next class.

At 12.30noon I picked up d lappy.
Everything is fine, but it is still d old lappy anyway!

Initially I want to go home early.
Saya rasa x berapa sihat, but then when I lied down in d praying room, alone,
Makcik cleaner cakap semalam dia susah hati sebab kena sapu sampah cepat.

All this while I never realised that it was such a hassle for d cleaner when we have to lock up d staffroom before leaving.

 Previously, her routine was to mop d floor d first thing in d morning before we occupied d room. Now that she has to wait for d first staff to open it, no way she could do it with all of us busy doing our chores.

As much as saya rasa nak pengsan semalam, saya tunggu juga makcik tu habis menyapu baru saya balik.
It was 4 p.m, in d pouring rain when I go home.
Tak tau apa yang sedih sangat tapi saya menangis sepanjang jalan,
Mungkin juga sebab saya rasa exhausted sangat.

Saya tunggu bukan sebab saya baik sangat.
Sebab saya tengok, walaupun Yan bizi n ada urgency he still fixed my lappy FOC.

I wished I could b as accommodate as Yan.
I wished makcik cleaner tu x susah hati sangat, knowing ada yang sanggup bertolak ansur.

I wished d thief (whoever u r) tau.
Dalam dunia ni, banyak mana pun ko cari duit, duit akan habis.
Dahla barang yang ko curi tu sangat rendah nilainya.
Menyusahkan orang lagi ada...
Sekali ko buat kerja menyusahkan orang, ko hilang nikmat hidup di dunia.
Ada ke yang lebih penting dalam hidup ni selain perhatian n kasih sayang?

Dalam airmata yang rasa tak mo kering.. saya doa sangat, janganlah anak murid saya jadi pencuri.
Hidup susah macam mana pun tolonglah jangan buat kerja haram ye korang.


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