Friday, November 21, 2014

Control Damage Measure

It works!
Not going to write any tips here.

The thing was, I kind of forgot to hand in a certain important until a friend called.
Seriously, I felt bad despite she genuinely said it is okay.
I had a hunch it was not smooth sailing. Wasn't around much lately, that's why.
I kept wondering what it was.

Fid welcomed me with the bad news, first thing in d morning today.
whatdahelleberi!, I almost choked to death.
Another friend of hers, asked me kindly if I could do something to rectify the matter.

I am not sure rectify is d right option when from the start d rules n regulation was not followed, certain rules was breached.
 I tendered complain letter last month after my verbal complain was not entertained.

Bab2 macam ni saya memang tak berapa nak bertoleransi.
Surat komplen pun tak berjawab. Keless!!

When d issue surfaced, saya tak nampak apa perlunya saya menyusahkan diri unless there is a black n white directive asking me to do so n so.

"Awak pun jangan  nak pening kepala", I told her sambil ketawa.

Later that day, saya nampak mereka were deep in discussion.
Bukan Fid dan kawannya. It was a case-closed for us.

Orang lain.
Yang gigih berlakon lindungan kaabah.
Yang lempar batu sembunyi tangan.
Yang tawaf keliling mengadu domba non-stop.
Yang buat muka, aku-mangsa-tapi-aku-redha

Wont surprise me if the two of them pukul canang they r victimized bla bla bla..

Go ahead bro(s)
please bear in mind, what goes around comes around.


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