Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday updates

1. Went shopping @Ikea n Daiso, again?
Dunno what we bought, but suddenly the bill was hundreds. Like, seriously?
Few knick knacks we could live without, tapi beli juga sebab...

2. Settled bill in Slim River, suddenly Nadiah noticed shocking advertisement. Billion Tg Malim was doing closing sale. Gigih we went there. People flocked d supermarket happily. I found d price was no really tempting, except for the stationery items.
We spent hundreds also, which I really not understand, again?

3. On Thursday I had another hospital appointment. It was not good #sigh#.
Anyway, spending time with mom n Adik  was really splendid. We had lunch n did grocery together. FUN!

4. On Friday, another dateline had to be met. Drove to Tapah n after that we plan to go up to Cameron Highlands. Halfway, Aisyah said she was feeling dizzy. Me too.
So we turned back n had lunch at A&W in Tapah R&R. I veri love d curly fries.
Eating curly fries always brought back memories during my uni years. #sigh#

5. Mom n Uda fly to Trengganu with Baby.
Diorang kaya, saya tak....
Orang mesken had to take care of her brothers.
So we went back to #18 yesterday. The house was empty. Joe n Arif came back around 7.30p.m. We watched tele together. Arif bought burgers for dinner.
Laaaa saya ingat diorang tak nak dinner so I didnt cook.

The truth is, I gained few kilos in a week, n harusla saya tak berapa selera nak makan.

I guessed that is my updates.
happy holiday every one!

Enjoy the sale

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