Monday, November 03, 2014

oh what a day #1

When I stopped at #18, no one was at home.
Took a greyish skirt which I wished to use tomorrow.

I called Adik, he was around n willing to drop by at 12A.
Maka bersembanglah kitaorang berdua macam dah setahun tak jumpa.
Padahal baru semalam lunch sesama...

When he went back, I started marking exam papers.
I need to be a wee bit lenient, because this batch is only 13.
Cant expect them to come out with a PT3 standard answer.

Speaking about exam, now is SPM.
D new format had been circulating via whatsapp.
I dunno whether shud I believe or not.
Not in d mood nak memanjangkan cerita either.
Just wait n see.

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