Thursday, November 20, 2014

seburuk2 orang yang membawak mulut..

Buruk lagi orang yang mendengar tanpa usul periksa..

Saya baca ayat ni kat fesbuk one of my ex-C.
I really like it.

Teringat pulak, bila a lady, a newcomer start nak buka thread masa lunch.
Initially I was all alone, because my best bud (BB) was so tight with her task.
Sebab nak bergossip saya tak tulis nama la..

Then this lady came, followed by BB.
We had brekki leftover, some nasi lemak n kuehs.

"Perasan tak tadi, XXX cuba nak overshadow YYY", she started. Nampak macam serius je.

 Saya jeling BB, her forehead creased.
Mine too.
This is my 3rd year with this team, no one talk ill of anyone.

Afterall all of us were there when d incident occured. Nothing scandalous.
Unless ko memang semulajadi suka create an issue on d piece of tissue.

We had a gud laugh tho. We talked fondly how XXX mmg selalu blur, n bila teringat something dia x pandang kiri kanan n terus menonong ke depan.
Very her!
Tapi yang sikap nak overshadow, memang tak pernah. Berkali2 we stressed on that.
She has a good heart, that is for sure.

Orang yang buka thread tu diam n nampak setuju.
Especially when towards d end of d day, all of us pat on everyone shoulder n start lending a helping hand, quietly.
Cakap pun bisik2 as not to give any pressure to others who r under serious stress to meet d dateline.

That was how we work for d past 2 years.
We r friends' first.
We worked hard, n laughed a lot.

Honestly, I dont think that lady yang beria sangat nak bergossip.
I guessed it was YYY, another newcomer, yang beria sangat nak mengadu domba.

Might be dia nak biasa hidup macam tu..
Very unfortunate.

Sudah2la tu..

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