Tuesday, December 02, 2014


It was raining heavily yesterday. I skipped my lunch so that I could have dinner with my bros.

I prepared chicken paprik.
"Bukan masak kicap ke tu?" Aisya tanya sambil senget mulut.

We reached #18 in d pouring rain. Just on time for dinner.
D sweet n spicy aroma of chicken rice was really tempting.

Trust me, Acho's chicken rice is divine.
He used to prepare it for us if my mom is not home.
I really love it!

Tapi yang tak menahan bila tengok Acho cuci segala pinggan mangkuk.
Habis dapur pun dia cuci sebersih2nya.
Just like my mom used to do it.
Tungku dapur tu pun dia cuci sekali
Sesuatu yang tak pernah berlaku.

Saya ambik pinggan n terus makan.
Sepinggan, dua pinggan, tiga pinggan.

Saya terkejut.
sedar2 dah habis makan.


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