Monday, December 22, 2014

oh PT3

Cakap lebih2 pun tak boleh..

D kids did not do well compared to...
Ok.. abaikan..

It really makes me unhappy tho..

"Apa ni ticer... ticer kata jangan tipu kan..",
A boy queried  me, few minutes before the paper started off months ago.
It shocked me to d core. How could u?

To be honest, kalau pusing macam mana pun, saya takkan tukar skrip,
menipu masuk neraka. Been drilling them that.
There is not white lies, grey matter whatsoever.

Seeing somebody was so happy today, well..
it saddened me so much.

I m perfectly sure he boasted around, how gud he is, how a better .... (fill in d blanks) he is, how capable he is, how far exceeded others he is, how hardwork he is, how dis, how dat.

I felt I want to strangle him to death.
What for?
He will boast around (again!) how hard he is having to endure jealousy from someone inferior a.ka moi etc etc..
then will go overboard playing victims summore..

Oh come on...

I always  believe, when we did something kerana Yang Di Atas Sana, we would never go wrong.

In d mean time, kalau adalah pencalonan untuk anugerah apa2, saya akan tulis namanya. Kalau saya ada kuasa, saya bagi semua pada dia.
Ambillah, tapau semua, but please, JUJURLAH!


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