Monday, December 01, 2014

Rezeki orang beriman....

Anjang saya selalu cakap cenggitu when we give her anything. Haha

Last week, Nik's family went to Kedah. Izzati will start her new term at Kolej Matrikulasi Teknikal. Since my Angah's house is just a stone's throw away, they booked a homestay n spent a family-time together.

On their way back, they stopped at 12A. Angah kirimkan 3 pasu pokok  untuk adiknya yang jauh di mata..

I could not tell which is which.
But getting addition to my kitchen garden is really awesome!

On Tuesday, I went to Nik's.
She gave me a black n red carpet which she got for free.
I love anything black n red.

On Thursday, as promised, I took Nadia n Aisya to Pasar Malam.
With minuscule pocket money they r very particular with their shoppings.
In d end, they bought kaya ball 8pcs for RM2 only. Nampak tak permainannya?

Oh.. Nadia bought an inner for RM10 and a yellow shades bawal tudung which she said quite hard to find. And they bought brooches, 15pcs for RM10.

I saw some cute shawl pins with flower motifs.
The one that I like dah tercabut pulak.
I asked the seller tu kot tercabut nak buat macam mana because I have ones yang tercabut kat rumah. She asked to glue gun, which I don't have.

We still bought d pins though because there r ... err cutesie?
To my dismay d seller insisted that I took extra, sebab  I mentioned about d faulty pin, which he would give for free.

Berkali2 saya bukan nak free, saya cuma tanya je how to fix it.
Berkali2 juga dia kata, tadi saya kata tu faulty..

Ermmm.. Slim River ni pekan kecik je. Takkan la sebab hal sekecik pin tu pun saya nak menyinggung perasaan orang...
After both of us quite agree that, there was no issue of complaining yadayada, I took d pin n went home quite contended


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tiga lalat said...

Salam. Hee cantik barbie dolls itu cikgu.