Saturday, January 10, 2015

kawan, apa erti sayang? #duo

Dah tulis tadi kan.. itu lagu Ruhil.
I was in form 3 masa lagu tu meletup2

Another childhood friend, some few years back, managed to trace me.
She was excited, I was... errrr...flabbergasted
Reconnected katanya.

I forgot to call back, only realised when I read her status.
bahasanya manis dan cantik, macam dulu2.

Supposed I call n cakap, "sorry beb, I stuck here yadayada".
But I did not. I wont lie.
Been years..

Weeks ago another childhood friend, another intriguing smses.
Another, 'd u remember me?'. Oh please...
She called, while I was in d mosque.
Couldn't talk, n did not call back either.

The thing is, I still live in d same house for years, my parents'.
Work in my hometown since year 2000.

They know where I live.
They know where I work.

The question is,
why now?

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