Friday, February 13, 2015

Lindungan Kaabah itu

I think it was so annoying listening to accusing, blaming here n there.
Even when I was in Uni pun I spoke up to d lecturer.
Let alone dalam usia macam ni.

"What do u mean?" saya tanya, because it was obvious things that he yadayada was done by a friend of mine.
Dont try to be clever.
Kalau takat bercakap nak buang masa orang, n showing u r superior than anybody else, please shut ur transponder off.

Someone backed his up, "what he meant was...".
See.. he don't even capable of speaking his own mind, lagi nak banyak bunyik.

Nothing personal.
I was referring to d facts n d tagline HE/SHE FAILS, EVERYONE FAILS.
Blame game should be avoided at all cost.

I hate failure.
Tapi yang paling tak berkenan ialah orang yang perasan maksum dan fefeling lindungan kaabah.
Respect has to be earn!


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