Wednesday, February 04, 2015

yang manisss part 4

Orang kata kasih sayang tu macam embun di hujung rumput.
Tak pernah kekal.
Tapi selagi ada, just cherish d moment, Zero pernah cakap dulu.. hahhaha...

Early this year I told The Old Friend, I will not hang out as much as before because all my class are in diff  building.
Tapi bila panas, saya mesti tercongok di situ sebab ada kipas besar yang selalu buat saya fefeling dalam movie.
Somebody took d big iron fan though. 

Last Monday, I saw Abang Bro did spring cleaning. Saya tak tolong sebab sebab all those heavy equipments, memang saya tak larat.
Besides, Abang Bro has a knack in interior design, he is much better without me.

This morning, Abang Bro bisik yang mereka memunggah meja, menukar deko somemore, and they put aside my things.
Oook... thinking about d state of my table, not pleasant at all.

The old friend said, do not worry, semua boleh diedit.
I am so worried that saya menyusahkan mereka, afterall I wasn't belong there in d first place.

In between classes, I came.
My table was not there anymore.
Sedeyyy.. because I need a place to de-stress, to share funny stories n jokes.

Few minutes later, couple of boys on Abang Bro's order sent a table.
crammed beside d old n d other friend.
I don't mind as long as I have a decent table.

Someone was really pissed off though. Hahhahaha..
It was his.
Dahla dia yang tolong berkemas dari mula.

I am aware of that, of course.
I left them and had brunch.
As long as saya x dengar orang marah2, whatever they did behind my back,
It is none of my business.

At 3.30p.m., I stopped by.
Now d table is different, a bit smaller, which suit me fine, but it was still on d same place. That is what matter most to me.
Stret bawah kipas.... Heaven ai told u!

The old friend related, 2 people asked for my place.
D same people, d lindungan-kaabah lot.

"Tapi... ", dia sambung dan saya dah lupa..

Mungkin yang baiknya saya lupakan semuanya.
Yang manis saja akan saya kenang sampai ke hujung nyawa.

I couldn't thank Abang Bro n The Old Friend enough.
Thank you for always thinking of me ( ikhlas x ikhlas belakang kira hahhahs)


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