Monday, March 30, 2015

sakitnya tu di sini:( part 2

Mungkin akan tiba masanya saya dan the other friend tidak akan bercakap sehingga ke hujung nyawa kami berdua.
I know d time will come.. soon.
there is something indescribable which called HUNCH.

guessed it was root in something we talked about today.
we've talked about it before, he mentioned it casually then.
Last week to be precised, over d phone.

Nothing personal. The issue arises when somebody else buat drama petik memetik. Saya pun petik juga the other friend's innocence. I was being stupid, I know.
I shudnt say a word, n biarkan berlalu instead of buang karan  membacking kawan2. 
My bad.

And today I told him, how stupid his friend (read:norizan adnan) was when he said sometimes hatinya terasa n dia akan ingat sampai bila2. Panjang juga elaboratenya, cuak juga hati saya. Dia bercakap pasal orang lain...

"Weiii kita ada tak sakitkan hati?" saya tanya dan pandang mukanya.
Dia tunduk n ketawa kecil, tapi x jawab.
Trust me, I m quite gud at reading other's mind.

We did talk about other things as well. Tapi soalan yang tak berjawab tu juga yang kekal berlegar dalam kepala.

Because it reminds me on how fragile our friendships is.
It was build on the nature, "I should be nice to him/her"
Walau sedih, tersinggung, berjauh hati semua pun x pernah disebut depan2 sebab,
"Heyyyy I m NICE, you know".

Years later, we just realise.
we asked ourselves..

Why you keep hurting my feelings?
Why you keep suffocating me?
Why oh why you keep doing those silly things?
and.. you cant stand it anymore

All you need is...
Walk away.

Seeing he was so reluctant to answer.
I just knew.

The sign of mutual feelings.
Soon dear friend.
We will stop playing nice to one another.

then you can tell the whole wide world
"I tried to be nice to her, but she is just so unnice. That is why I unfriend her".

That day will come.

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