Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ai, yu, patik, tuanku.

Seated on d front row, d only one donned in green while other put on blue attire was really .., errr... silly,dumbndumb

That was not d only silly thing I did.

I was asked, why others r not coming. I gave errr..
Silly, dumbndumb answer.
The one who chaired the meeting, was 'upset' n she wanted me to give names so that a show caused letter could be issued.

Oh no.. "they already told me d reason why",
another silly, dumdndumb on my part.

She was much more upset n, errr.. bashed Still in a graceful manners.
I mumbled, "ampun tuan", even though I am sure tuanku is not d right pronouns.
I didnt do my homework.
Another silly, dumbndumb act..

With a heavy heart, I did submit names to d rightful person, but with a bit explanation, I've tried to find replacement, to no avail.

While being a subject of royalty wrath was not pleasant at all, being disloyal to friends is something I always avoid at all cost.

Saya rasa nak nangis.
Well... it is a learning for norizan adnan.

pass d tissue please...

On d bright side,
d seniors treated me very very well. They even laughed at my silliness n at d same time promised to give their 150% support.
One of them sent all d things I asked in a jiffy.

I mean..


I m game!

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