Friday, April 03, 2015

mentor is on diet..

First meeting we had nasi lemak fix. We planned to make it our ritual, but then the schedule keep changing.

I was taken aback when was told we would have second meeting today.
Since they had mentioned they like games, I kind of toying d idea of playing tuju kasut ke tuju tin. But then, on short notice memang tak dapek la makcik nak nolong eh..

It was only 20mins, too short.
Macam tak best sangat kot...

By the way, I've told them kerja makcikk sangat seteressssss, so I need this mentor-mentee meeting to be fun n stress-free. No yacking, walloping segala...

Here it is today..

Nampak sangat muka budak2 tu seteressssssss

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