Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sungai Siput?

I used to envy Jie's life. He travels a lot.

Now having a glimpse of his life, serius saya tak suka...

Last week I drove all the way to Kulim. On my way back I drove up to Guar Chempedak before braving d pouring rain heading to #18.

The next day, I drove up again. Going for Charity Run in Bagan Serai. 
Sleeping in different bed, no matter how comfy it is, just not my idea of fun, sejak dahulu kala lagi.

Today, another meeting up north. 
While I don't mind attending d meeting, d idea of driving makes me shudder (?). 

How I wished I would have personal driver.
(Note: takat kereta cap ayam kot nak ada driver, huduh sangat rupaya ye norizan)

For 2 days, I spent all my free time marking n preparing for worksheets to be left when I am away. That's alone is so exhausting. I did not have much time to do other things at my workplace. 
Bila penat, fius pun cepat terbakar. If u know what I mean...
It is really not good for my career.

Top of all, I didnt spend my time talking to my mom or my brother much lately. We did not makan or watching tv together, because by the time I came home, I was flat out.

This is terrible, horrible!

To make matter worst, dah sampai jauh2 ni boleh pulak ko tertinggal, charger?
4,5 years ago I used to be quite an organised person. Before going anywhere, gigih saya buat checklist barang.

Tapi sekarang jangankan nak buat checklist, nak pack baju pun x berapa nak sempat.

I so need laptop charger..? Pronto!

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