Sunday, May 03, 2015

Korang dah pergi Pesta Buku KL?

The last time I went there, I bought Suami Aku Ustaz novel. Hahahahaha.
What was I thinking then...
Today I learnt that, it is a major film, with one of d scandalous person as d leading actor. The heroin? 
Why oh why another scandalous person too?
I will definitely not going to waste my time watching someone with not-so-clean-reputation playing innocent students, let alone be an Ustaz in a film.
Major turn off!
for me of course.

Anyway I like the way Karya Seni (the publisher) promoted their books.  I will definitely support their products, or may I say my sisters are d fans. Siap dia berkirim buku berbagai2 lagi.

Enough on that.

Initially I planned to go with Fiza last week, unfortunately, her husband was not well. 

It just that I called Nick telling her I wanted to send Along's  bags. She asked me whether I could take anak2 ke Pesta Buku since she n Abang Dos have to clean up her Sect 24 house.

Mestila boleh kan...

I drove up to PWTC. Circling twice before managed to park in front of PERKIM. Plan to have a quick lunch at The Mall, little that I know  there is no The Mall anymore. The building is closed until soft launching (?)on May 28th.

Once Along, Nadia, Aisya n Adib arrived, we had a meeting bertajuk, Kita Nak Lunch kat mana?"
We hopped up d train n headed to Sogo. Adib wanted to have Mc D, kitaorang layan je. Aisya menangis sebab d free book she gets is not what she wants. Haishhhh.

"Mak suruh beli baju raya Mak Andak", Along said. Nak beli baju kena beli tudungkan... stress la Adib. Anyway he bought 2 black n silver samping for him n Naufal. I bought a brown tudung n asked them to choose brooches for their moms.

Then we headed to Jakel. Wuishhhhhhhhhh... such a big store it is. Reminds me experience shopping at LaFayette. I mean there r items for everyone, dari semurah2 sampaila semahal2. Of coursela barang yang dijual berbeza, but the idea is, everyone can go to Jakel n rasa classy because if you have d money, go for RM435 per metre and if you r not, d salesgirls will ask your budget, n they will suggest u something you could afford. Gr8!
 Later on we headed back to PWTC. As usual, tak sah kalau tak pergi MOY booth. Well, an ex student asked me to see her there because she manned one of the booths. Guess what? We have a great discount. Yippee..
Bought some exercise books for nieces n nephews, novels n more novel, cooking books n what nots. We had a great time!.

Went back around 7.00p.m, headed to Klang. Had dinner with Along n Nick.
Then I drove back to #12A, sampai pukul 11.30p.m.

I was extremely sleepy.
Anyway, it was a great day:(

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