Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Perlukah kau mencaras versi akhir.

Ini sambungan dari sini

The kids and I were so excited. Previously, despite my tight schedule, we managed to fare quite well in another cooking competition.

They practised at 12A the night before d competition. They compared notes n strove to win. I was away on d eventful day, but they r very independent n their confidence level were amazing. That is why I have all faith in them.

Unfortunately, once coming back from a 3-days course, I found another letter on my table, asking to attend a 2-days meeting, exactly on d cooking contest day.

I was devastated. Talked to other friends if they want to take over, but at such a short notice, nobody willing to take a risk.

That was later I found out something dreadful.
First I heard it from d 3rd party. Payah saya nak percaya.
It happened while I was away. Lagila tak logik.

Then I heard it first hand, because somehow, we were discussing about pulling out.
That was when he told me he was really blow his top when Ms X complaining that WE shouldn't take part because it is too time consuming n yadayada.

It was horrible.
Extremely horrible.

The thing is, I already told Ms X, in d beginning I really thought it is d competition for uniform unit, n once I learnt the truth, heh.. y not la kan... It was me yang beria sangat to give d kids chance, I told her over and over.

Among d 3 of us, things will be settled, once I told her n him about my stand n once they have a-not-so-pleasant-discussion that day. Mere misunderstand which soon be forgotten.

Sadly, I am perfectly sure there are people around us, yang berimaginasi mengalahkan Syamsul Usop Haslam dan mula menyemai bunga-bunga neraka.

If they think that will stop me from giving d kids chance to take part in any competition...

Oh come on....

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