Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hidden Life

Today is d last day before 2nd term resume.
Starting tomorrow my life will return to a perfectly-normal routine.
Wake up at 5.35a.m - leave house at 6.45a.m and come back at 5 p.m.

If I have to go to d bank, do groceries, eat out with Arif I tried to be back at 3p.m.
Nowadays, if me n my colleagues could go back at 2.45p.m, it is considered a treat.

Except during fasting month.

Someone asked me, referring to a paper cutting which saying only those who could not manage their time stay back at the office, are we ( norizan adnan n her) that bad in time management.

Back in 2011, when KC cantas me, I could go home early.
3 p.m was my limit.
I can go to shopping spree because tak payah nak keluar duit buat proGram for d kids. I can read lots of books n do gardening in my free time.
A bliss.

Things change when u have responsibilities.
Then the issue on marital status comes out.
I never answer on that.

Because I've seen enough how funny life could turn out to be.

I've seen people yang bagi alasan tak boleh buat ini sebab anak dia begitu begini..
Alhamdulillah, Allah ambik semula anak dia.
Kurang seorang to handle.

I've seen people yang bagi alasan, kita ni nak jaga suami/isteri mana lah ada masa nak buat itu ini..
Alhamdulillah, spouse dia pun ada affair dengan orang lain.
Lama pulak tu mereka berkapel.

All these remind me,

Happy Last Day Holiday folks

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