Tuesday, July 07, 2015

11 tahun selepas

Lately, I m not myself.
 Reason being, the chaotic body system (merepek!) which I experienced in 2007, surfaced. Sometimes, all I want to do is spend time in bed and cried all days.

The better part of me memikirkan, dengan umur yang tak  tentu panjang mana, kesihatan yang bukan jaminan, haruslah saya berusaha memberi yang terbaik selagi ayat dikandung badan.
Oh... whatever that means.

So here I am, walking here n there, sambil fikiran tak berapa nak stabil.
Maybe I should go for shopping spree, if only money grows on tree. Wishful thinking.

After braved the stairs (so many of them) and the scorching heat, saya pun berbaring strettt  di bawah kipas. I had 20 mins break.
I dont care. I need a break, to relax the pained muscles. eh?

A friend, who also had 20 mins to splurge, came and lied down next to me.
Dia pompuan.. so tak payah fikir panjang2...

For some unknown reason, our relationships strained. There is no particular reason.
Might be I become so reserved or maybe she turned to someone I hardly now.
I do not know.

Something for sure, we shared the same loyalty to one another.
Friends come and go, gossip panas sejuk,  but I am perfectly sure she never talks bad about me, saya pun tak pernah. Hahhahaha...

Whenever she achieved something, saya bangga tahap langit ketujuh, despite I never showed it. Funny..

Back to the story, we talked about everything under the sun,
About our ex-colleagues who we love dearly.
About the going on in their life.

We talked about her old house with mango tree.
Her wonderful Raya do with yummilicious food.

When we first met, her eldest was in primary school.
Now dah masuk Universiti pun..

"Mak aiihhh tuanya kita ye".. we both lamented.

I do not know whether in 10 years to come, larat lagi ke kami nak berbaring bersama in 20 mins time, dan bngkas bangun when the bell rings.

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