Wednesday, July 22, 2015

#3: the risk worth taking.

Macam biasa ini catatan untuk diri sendiri.
Item no 3 dalam entri ini

Sebentar tadi my mentor informed that d HQ invited her to do research-method-or-whatever-name-they-call it. Naturally d kids will be chosen as subjects-or-whatever-they-call-it.

.jiwa kacau.
Part of me rasa stressful.
Because it means I have to work extra hard knowing lots of people will come to observe. 
Did I get any monetary gain? Fame? Glory?

Didn't u say u did it for d kids?
(This questions keep nagging in my head)

I did say that. 
In fact many a time.
D kids will definitely learn more from d experts. 
All d experts who will come from time to time while observing d poor miserable teacher too.


What is wrong with d less travelled road?
as stated by Robert Frost in The Road Not Taken.

If life is a journey, 
I am in a bumpy ride, at d moment.


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