Friday, July 10, 2015

Off-white lies.

Dear Diary,
 Yesterday my mentor came with her mentor. Before they started their teaching observation my mentor's mentor interviewed me. Oh... the regulars

1. Did the programme helps?
2. In what way it helps you.
3. Do you have any obstacle in completing your task.
4. What is the main strength in this programme
5. Do you have problems or issues from people around you regarding this program.

The usual. I answered truthfully. I think I did.
Okkk maybe a little bit misleading on item #3. I said the main obstacle is my incompetency. The mentor's mentor assured me, I did just great.
But then... dia tanya, if u think u have problem with your competency, what u did to improve yourself.
'I DO smash book", I really hope my voice did not fail me.

When in fact. I had been toying with the idea for so long but being acah-acah-bizi I never had time to start.

Didnt I say DO.?
Instead of DID.

Today I humbly started my smash book project.

Backdated, for an epic reason.

So my dear trusted dearie diary.
was it considered lying?

P/s my mentor gave long list of comments on my performance.😭

p p/s 4 hours later a friend congratulate me on a job well done. He showed me d group messages, d mentor praised for superb preparation n presention.

p p p/s A couple of congratulations messages arrived. Am I vain for write it up here?

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