Thursday, August 27, 2015

Azabnya tulis laporan

We meet again.
This time at HeritageHotel@Ipoh
Walaupun tudung senget, tapi saya gembira sebab nampak kurus. 
Btw, ni on d first day. Muka masing2 pun manis macam candycrush.

At night, all d 5 of us went shopping n had a nice chat until 11.15p.m@cafe. It was splendid!

On d 2nd day, hah... masing2 stressed out.
 Kesian Kakak Besar..
She was invited to present her action research, but no one terfikir nak ambik gambar.
I was busy taking notes, so did the rest of the team.
Inconsiderate betul.. the thing is, she put on a new black blouse lagi tu..

Our session lasted until 7p.m. Indra insisted on taking a walk out, tapi all of us prefer to complete d report.

Mereka stay up.
Saya tak...
Report mereka siap pagi tu.
Saya tak...

Inilah wajah saya sebenar. Pucat lesi.
Bila satu meja siap n u r d only one who havent, d tense r unbearable. Hiksss.

Phewww, managed to submit on time though.
 Kasi pada Kakak Besar untuk editing.

Sekian cerita.

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