Monday, August 24, 2015

Guest of honour

Kalau ikut hati, I would prefer spend my weekend reading novels sambil fefeling duduk di tepi pantai.

Tapi kadang2 kita buat sesuatu kerana kawan.

So, I attended a wedding, on friend's invitation.
The VVIP were seated in a big air-conditioned hall, with life band playing soothing songs.
Outside there were close to 20 tents.
Unfortunately, at my age, despite masa sekolah I failed Maths miserably, tapi tents with deco never come cheap.
20k for tents?
What about d tables, d banquet, catering, flowers, d dais n life band kat luar lagi.
Too lavish for a government servant standard, I guess...

Tapi x bagusla saya berprasangka, might be d wife memang well off.
Might be mereka memang dah simpan duit sejak kecik lagi.
Benefit of d doubt kekdahnya.

Jadi eloklah saya x yah cakap about d wedding.
Cuma guest of honour was hensem giler...

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