Sunday, August 16, 2015

My attitudes depends on who u are

Entry serius la sangat.

Lately, d kids r sitting for tests.
N d final meeting for a certain project is approaching,
harusla another test shud be carried out
stress makcik.

Seeing d kids masih in playful mode, terus la makcik dabel seteresss..

Membebel was never my forte, jadi saya buat perkara lain yang takkanla saya nak tulis kot kat sini.

At d same time I was asked to give a talk, which I really love to do except it is on Wednesday, the day I supposed to help some girls prepared for teir QG camp.

"Kesianla orang lain, tercari2 mana d girls," someone bagi hint asking me to delegate.
Delegate? How?
With these people?

I dont have time to splurge, I guessed.

So, while running here n there, look
Who is hijacking my tablet cap ayam..

Untuk rekod, in d morning, these 2 boys kena marah for coming late. Hari tu giliran dia baca doa di perhimpunan. Tergamak tu datang lambat. Berapi tice dia marah.

5 hours later, seeing my tablet left unattended, he took selfie pics. Konpiden je dia tice izinkan. Konpiden je dia tice x marah.

These r among d reasons, saya sanggup bersusah2 asalkan d kids untung dikemudian hari.
I hv a full of confidence in them!

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