Monday, August 03, 2015

Once in a lifetime.

. for all my life, I might compare everyone I meet with Jie and Et.

For such a long period, I noticed someone did not take up my call sometimes.
Why? Because at that time dia hang around with another set of friends.


Lately I noticed, dia talked to me rudely when that set of friends were around.
Very rude!
 Apa yang dia cuba buktikan, is beyond me.

Might be that set of friends had something extraordinarily special which I do not have.
Might be talking to me in front of that set of friends resulted dia akan dipandang hina oleh rakan-rakannya.
Kalau rakan2 itu tiada,  dia bercakap dengan sopan dan baik baik saja.

It is fine with me. I tried my best not to dwell... but I just cant...
Sebagai manusia biasa, hati saya terdetik,
sangat sesuatu.

Once upon a time, I was talking to Jie, when one man passed by. 
He talked to him and introduced me. Later I learnt he was a big shot in big corporation. A wealthy man. Filthy rich!

Those kind of incidents happened few times,
one time it was his boss,  a famous figure whom I read in  newspapers when I was much younger.  Next, a Datuk whom I never heard of. 

"She is a teacher you know..." masalahnya Jie suka bercakap dengan bangga, macamla saya ni setanding dengan his friends.
As I wrote up there, we were much younger than.
Nope. Jie pun semekin macam saya. At that time...

I learnt from Jie, whoever our friend is, be proud of him/her.
Show it. Appreciate the friendships

The point is, he never leave me when he meet his friends. They did talk in front of me, about golfing which was alien to me.
Never once, they alienated me.

Now, I wonder, 
ada lagi ke orang macam Jie dalam dunia ni?

The tiba2-cakap-rudely-in-front-of-set-friend is ... well..
Dalam buku motivasi, selalu ajar,
Bersemuka dan bertanyalah.

Tapi selepas bertahun, saya tahu kawan2 saya like d back of my hand.
Berterus terang was never dalam kamus hidupnya.
 hadis, ayat quran and all hanya untuk diquote bila nak justifikasi tindakan bukan nak diikut sangat pun. Heh?

Seumur hidup, saya tak pernah dengar Jie quote ayat Quran to justify why he was rude to me.
First, I bet, like me, dia baca quran pun gagap.
Second, he always made it a point to respect perasaan kawannya yang meskin ini.

In life, in years to come I might meet lots of people like a friend whom I write up in this entry. It is really up to me whether to feel miserable or be happy.

I choose d second option.
I was blessed with great friends like Jie and Et who taught me what a great friend should be. 

Once (should I use TWICE) is enough.

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