Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sexual harassment.. kali ini memenuhi kriteria heh?

Seseorang bercerita tentang gambar porno yang dikongsi di kumpulan sembang. I was never invited to join d group, so me not bother chuolss.

Then, I overheard a group of women discussing the same issue. I never intent to interfere until I heard one of them lamented that d culprit once asked her if she knows what ...... is.  She dont, but d culprit said, "u will know when you get married".

What is that supposed to mean?

"That's sexual harassment", one of d women offered her point of view. I couldnt agree more.

I choose to put d stop to d unbecoming behaviour. So I dug more details n went up to d classroom n bagi tazkirah on sexual harassment.

Kids nowadays, jangan la momokkan mender mengarut, bagi facts n consequences n all saja. When speaking about sexually related things, it is better to use law term dari bersusah payah guna euphemism bagai.
Karang meaniing s never come across

Saya pun  malu juga nak cakap benda benda cenggini,
Tapi saya lagi malu kalau mereka membesar jadi pervert.

Syukurlah ada internet..

Hv u experience anything like I copypasted below?

Definition of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is any type of unwanted contact of a sexual nature. This harassment can occur either physically or verbally. Physical sexual harassment can mean unwanted touching, hugging and cases of rape. Verbal sexual harassment can include questions about your sex life, comments on the way you look or lewd comments. However, sexual harassment can also take the form of discrimination such as an employer discriminating against an employee because of their gender

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