Monday, September 28, 2015

Anjang and I

Sometimes we did things sebab nak tolong kawan.
If I could have my way, I prefer to stay at home and


A good friend asked me to replace her for a seminar. I said yes, because she helped me lots previously. "Some other people could not make it to, can u find anyone?", she asked. I did not promise anything.

Anjang agreed to join me.

I was held at Casuarina@Meru Convention Centre. Both of us only know Meru in Klang. So, d journey was not as smooth sailing as I would love too.

The fellow guiders, Kak Liza n Fook Khum were there.
We took picture to be sent to d LEC whatsapp group. Common practice nowadays:)

It started with a mighty bounty (belasahhhh) breakfast. I had a plate of fried vermicelli and pie. Anjang had stuffed croissant and we both had white coffee.

Then the seminar started with a presentation by Prof Madya Nurbaini. She and her gang did volunteer work for Indonesian workers. Amazing!

After the speeches by the organiser (like wow!) and her Royal Highness, it was followed by  a forum. Surely it was my favourite part. Over plak... but seeing them on stage, sharing their volunteer experience it spurs me to start one soon. Very moving  ai tell u,  especially  the success story fro Niki@Philippines. It was very interesting to listen to them all.

Then we had a lunch break.
"Anjang nak bergambar dengan Tuanku Zara", kakak saya cakap.
As a good sister (ehem...) what else I can do except MAKE IT POSSIBLE!

She was smiling ear to ear, and paksa2 saya hantar to our family whatsapp group.
"Tunjukla kat diorang," dia cakap tak nyempat.. heh..

"Did u take my picture?", tetiba adik dia over  spiking London.
As a good sister (hahahaha) terpaksala dia ambikkan my pic..


I truly hope, the friend whom I replaced would be happy. I m sure my sister was a happy woman n yess,.. I m happier too hahahhahaha

Afterall it is not everyday I can spend time with Anjang  and learn from the best.
Not to forget good food.

Punyala both of us sangat gembira n grateful, we thanked d organiser profusely.

gambar seterusnya... mungkin nanti2..


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