Wednesday, September 02, 2015

of being SUPERIOR

Galtd1 Being Humble Quotes Quote

1.Some wanted to see me on a certain date. Previously I have no problem, despite short notice.
But the chosen date is not a good one for me. Of course I told beforehand.
"It's ok, just pass to document to someone", katanya.

Which I did.
I never entertain call on dat day. Someone passed a message from dat particular person, asking for something silly?
Like hello?
I wished by now he/she got d message.
When I said I am not free on a certain day, that means I AM NOT FREE.
If u need anything, do ask me nicely, or else..

2. "What to say?" dia tanya..
Saya rasa nak lempang laju2.
Hari ini, saya tengok depan mata sendiri.
Saya rasa.....
PRnya memang kelaut dalam.
"buat semula" saya kata. PR skills saya pun makin merosot grednya.

Mungkin dia rasa saya berlagak Superior.

3. A girl vomited, scattered on d floor.
I scolded d Malay girl because 2 of my Chinese friends had to clear d mess. They even washed the room. After a plate of wedges, hotdog and a cup of hot milo, d Malay girl left the room.
No thank you, no sorrry.
No nothing.
Mungkin this Malay girl rasa dia sangat Superior juga.

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