Friday, September 04, 2015

Saya sangat penat...

I woke up at 6.
Spent less time in d bathroom, n later started off spread strawberry jam, kaya and peanut butter.
It yields 4 big tupperwares n 2 small containers.

Before headed to somewhere far I dropped it at school.

I have to meet up with 2 nice ladies today. The task is a breeze, with their help of course, but the travels annoyed me.
I m dead tired.

"ye la tu letih", d other friend teased.
Despite I know he is not really want to listen to my merungut2, I still spoke non stop.
I love speaking to a dead end hahhahah..

The truth is, after spent d day out since last week, I am so exhausted, physically, mentally n emotionally.
Financially juga heh.

But then, jadi babysitter kena senyum selalu.
Kena tahan cabaran.
Kena selalu dahulukan kepentingan d kids.

Jadi, on my free time, kena marking exercise.
Kena prepare exercise juga.

Ooo dua je kot..
Tu pun saya merungut beria2..
Ungrateful betul.

K.  Bai.

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