Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sogo on Monday

Despite, kengkonon too many things on to do list, I drove to Kl. Smooth journey.

I parked at Jalan Merpati, opposite a Chinese school.
"Kenapa jauh sangat?", Izzati asked.
"Nak jimat seploh hengget duit parking", came my reply.

We had lunch at Mc D. Aisha's choice.

Then we bought some 🍫 which are on discounted price. Kit Kat and Kinder Bueno.

I gave them RM50 each for shopping, tapi kalau x habis, saya akan pungut balik.

Later we headed to 7th floor. Sports shoes r on sales. I bought Nike running 🏃 shoes. Mungkin dengan kasut baru, larian setahun sekali saya tu akan lebih bagus.

Izzati pun dipaksa beli sports 👟. She needs it for her teaching course. Oh yes, she entered IPG, which means there will be another teacher in d family. Pilih punya pilih, a blue green Adidas for her.

"Mak Andak, kitaorang nak belikan hadiah harijadi Abah boleh", diorang tanya. Mestilah bolehkan... Janji jangan pau duit Mak Andak dia kan..

So they chose a pair of navy blue Converse for their father. Aisha also picked a pair of green blue Converse.
I never had any Converse in my life, never know it is such a hit with youngsters.

" Murah ke rege Converse ni?", saya ingin kepastian..
"Murahhhhhh ni Mak Andak..", diorang jawab dengan konfiden.

Murah2 pun our total bill come close to RM500 for 4 pairs of shoes. I hope it is a gud spend.

Then, we had Crispy Popiah, before rushed to Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman. Unfortunately, I didnt but anything which caught my fancy. The girls bought Jubah for them b their mom.

It was raining when we headed back. Takut terperangkap dalam traffic jam, we spent some more time at Jalan Masjid India. Nadia bought crepe bawal.

They finished their shopping allowance.

We arrived home at 8.30p.m. Had nasi n rendang for dinner, while waiting for Nick to come home.

At 9.30p.m I drove back to #12A.
I arrived around 11.30p.m.

The first thing I noticed was,
Gate jiran depan terlapang.
That is why, pukul berapa pun saya sampai ke rumah, saya boleh melenggang gagah berani masuk rumah🌇 knowing jenjiran ada kat rumah.

Untungla berjiran dengan Ketua Balai

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