Monday, October 05, 2015

An and I

Life is funny sometimes, after many2 years exchanged smiles n greeting, today we learnt, actually we were schoolmates back in d 80s.
We know we r d same age, but Schoolmates?

We had tea at Zull family restaurant during d downpour.
Saya tak nak makan but d waiter is my ex student, who greeted me warmly. Tapi i was buying time..

I remembered he has a sister named Farhana, I was his form I Kenanga teacher, I even remembered his sitting place, but I couldnt recall his name even after I cleaned off d plateful fried noodles.

Back to d topic, I bumped into.An when I was on my way to Pejabat Tanah, she offered to accompany me.
So that we can.
Talk?., because all these years our conversation was never exceed 3 sentences.

She even knows some of my friends whom I never meet since 1990.
Like.. Wow!.

N well she was diagnosed with cancer recently

Isn't it sad?

When we were much younger, we expected our life wud b nothing but 👌 . Then d reality hits us.

Cruel fate.

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