Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Beautiful n blue

Itu ImpiAn yang tak sudah..
The thing is, despite torrential ☔ last night, d sky still maintained its fifty shades of grey.

No amount of ☁ seeding can turn it into blue.
Makcik seteresss...

Anyway, to kill time, I make mini 💯 pcs popia.
Meanwhile, masakkan samosa filling.

I might bake some cakes this afternoon.
Menghabiskan stok dalam kabinet.

But then, kalaupun kabinet dapur tu kosong, I wont stock up anymore.

1. I foresee I wont hv much ⌚ to splurge after Pt3 is over.
2. Ringgit woes really affected d consumer big time. Even, 🍏harga nya RM1.20.

Dahla cuaca tak baik.
Ekonomi pun sangat menyusahkan.

How I wish everything wud b beautiful n blue...

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