Saturday, November 21, 2015

First sending.

If u dunno what it means,  it is okay, rest assured only less than 2000 people know. You are on d majority. No worries.

We had newcomers this year. 0ne people yang gigih bergossip last year was dropped n her partner in crime chose to pull out.
Somehow my instinct is telling me d P.I.C is working overtime mengadu domba ke sana ke mari.

When in reality we had a good time. Just like before.

What I like most about d group is d teamwork.

Here is my recount.

This morning Jo brought lots of fried vermicelli n nasi lemak. Zam brought bread b Dew cooked Nasi Arab.

We ate together, talked about d going ons in our life n later started working.
Masa kerja semua org tak angkat muka.

The men stopped for Jumaat prayer, n d ladies keep on completing their duties.
It is torturous.

Kak Kay was d first completed, followed by Dew. Both of them were quiet, trying their best not to put pressure on others.

By 5p.m everyone managed to complete their intended task except 2 person.
While d two ✌ finished off, d rest took their forms n started fill it up for them.

No one complaint.
Nobody says something bad behind their back.
At 5.30a.m Jo gave a wrap up.speech n reminded us that is what teamwork is all about.

We parted with contended smiles smeared on our tired face.

It is so easy to blame one another.
But then, in any team, d key person is d team leader.

Kot team leader lembik n pemalas, berpuak2la group tu n in d end yang rajin akan jadi mangsa umpatan dan bahan cacian. Yang pemalas disanjung dan dijadikan TOKOH narutocemerlangsasaki.

Honestly, I really like Jo's leaderships.
She works harder than everyone.

She is a devoted Christian.
Penting tu..

It is funny that kapir lehnat (as Moslem fondly called non moslem people) gigih buat kerja sungguh, padahal yang bersongkok hari2 relaks harap orang bawahan cover their ass je bila pegang title leader.

Maybe, beliau sudah dapat printscreen teket syorga.



zino said...

wah masih aktif menulis..

Kengkawan said...

Gigih hahah