Monday, November 23, 2015

Yang itukah?

Year end break starts, but I m stuck doing something tedious n time consuming too. How I wish I could gallivanting in

Well.. 🗾 Japan?.

I do not have new book to read too.. I mean, I do have few books 📚 I havent finish reading, but I need something light. Not those bloody massacre why Obama Hussien should b voted as d killer yadayada..

So I click d blue F n browse away kekdahnya..

I came into a recent pic, with d caption,
"seeing his smile, makes me feel home"

D CSI radar in me pingggggg 🔊. 
Of course saya menggugel sana sini sebelum mula mengarang cerpen.

"D u know that in order for d Jap to b posted oversea they must accompany by wife?", he asked me. He knows I never know since d only Jap I know are Conan n Rin Hanekoma.
 Ye makcik sangat old school.

 Kalau ikut cerita kawan saya tu, they became friends. 
Kawan. Tapi saya kenal kawan saya tu. 

Kawan saya kata, dat was an on paper marriage.
Strictly on paper.
 After d term over they went back to Japan.

"R they divorced?", saya pernah tanya. Saya dah lupa jawapannya. Dah lama sangat...

Dua kali mungkin kawan saya itu sebut pasal that lady.
First, she invited him to go there. 
"fully sponsored? ", makcik konsisten mata duitan.
"uhuh" came his reply.
He didnt go. Jangan harap sangat katanya. 
Second, d lady wished to come here.

For d record, jaranggggggg sangat we talked about our personal lives. Tak urban kot heh.

Finally, I saw d pic. 
There's something in her body language telling me she meant what she said. She's a beauty, kaya pulak tu..
She could get any man she wants.

I studied my friend's facial expressions. 
I saw d BOY whom I know quite well.

I dont remember, Azizi Hj Ali or Zakaria Ali wrote in d famous 📖 (either Seorang Tua di Kaki Gunung or Empangan),

But then, in life,
Maybe d best is 

Sekian cerpen hari ini.

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