Tuesday, December 22, 2015

He is always Anas to me..

And never failed to surprise me.

Yes.. I am talking about d same boy here

First, makcik agak terkejut bila dia berpuashati dengan result 8A 1d PMRnya dulu. I am d type wat u see is wat u get giteww.. Nak bermuka2 memang tak berbakat.

A year later, he kept calling me n gave 101 reasons why MRSM life is just not him. Yang ni saya tak terkejut sangat, n I was chuffed when he came back. Hahha

When d SPM.result was out, I was not around n by d time he went to Matric, we did not meet up. Then I lost his number.

Out of nowhere a.k.a  tetiba...


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