Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mood Republic@PWTC

Let me be honest, I never buy muslimah attire because, let juz say I don't think d size fits me. I passed through Women of Jannah store on my way to Daiso often, but I never stop. Frankly speaking saya tak faham kenapa mereka nak jual jubah rege ratus2. The Daiso hard fan in me couldnt afford it, so to speak.

Dew la yang beria promoted Mood Republic. Saya mati2 ingatkan tu konsert kumpulan Reggae. For those yg macam saya ni himpunan penjual online untuk busana Muslim n Muslimah.

First, I dont understand why we shud fill in d form n present it to d counter to have our hand stamped.
Our hand ok, not d form.

Awkward. I opened my hand instead of semua orang was stamped on d back of their palm.

Then, there is a car ok, hadiah cabutan bertuah. Yeahhhh right. My bet no one will win d car. Dah bertahun saya beli brg bagai nak rak sebab nak menang kereta.. Harammmmmm

Seeing d aggressive ladies clad in tudung labuh promoting their items on top of their lung, x faham juga saya...

I waited for Nik, Zati b Izlan to arrive by train before we roamed sales.

Nik wanted to find a certain brand tudung. Sampai sudah kitaorang tak jumpa booth.

She wanted to take pic with a certain artist, but she was busy. So?

We tried a few blouses but it didnt fit. Heh?
Ended up with choc cakes, cheese tart n orange choc cake.


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