Friday, December 04, 2015

Oh KimK

Guess it is d hottest topic right now. Kak Mah n Ah Jib Gor terkeluar padang seketika. A selfie pic with Jacel (who) Kiram pun agak2 sendu dibawa bayu laut, despite I must say Azalina's short interview@news tadi nampak quite interesting.

A certain celebrity was not happy with a comment by a certain follower over d use of KimK.

I dunno what KimK stands for, to be honest. The celebrity thought it stands for a profanity.
The follower means Kim Kardhashian. Told u, I dont know whether I spell correctly or not.

It could be over in a jiffy if they just accept it, bukan semua orang tahu wat d helleberry KimK is.
At least I don't.

I couldn't say I know how d person in question tackled d issues.
But then on d world 🌍 of social networking, all info could be grabbed in d blink of eyes.

By typing your name in d search engine, macam2 keluar.
Including a certain 3gp video.

Saya pun x tau what 3gp is.
Saya baca komen orang je. Katanya it is 96% matched.

I hope it is not true.
On d second thought,
Kan bagus kalau dari awal kita mengaku jika buat silap..

Tu je. 👋 bye

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