Tuesday, December 08, 2015

What makes you happy?

Ini soklan SePiEm 2015.

When I read d question, I was like..
Well... How d marking scheme will look like?

But then, exam is not everything,  don't u think so? I could not forget my English teacher shared Christina Onassis story.
Very sad 😔 story indeed.

What makes you happy peeps?

For me, it kinds of hard to answer. I used to be happy when I browsed all d beautiful pinggan mangkuk at Super Komtar circa late 90s. Now that I could afford to have it, I found out my kitchen is too small for all those fancy plates and whatnots. Besides, I do not have a proper glass cabinet. Pathetic...

Then, when I was small, I used to be happy when I have a book to read. Now I have hundreds of books (termasuk buku korang yang saya buat reta tu), but then I keep reading d same book over and over again.
First Among Equal when I was on medical leave.

Not so long ago, I used to be happy going to eatery places. I love eating so much. Old age takes toll on human (heh). I have to watch my diet, how could I be happy then?

Well... I used to b happy watching movies. D tickets just not my idea of happiness though.

Again... I keep thinking, what makes me happy?. Going for holidays? Well, maybe..

Honestly, I am so happy with people who appreciate me as a human. Who accept me for who I am.
Who laugh at my silly mistakes and defend me when I need allies d most.

Who gives me a bouquet of flower 🌸 while saying. " I want you to be happy, Here, take this credit card, go shopping, everything is on me". 

Maybe, I will the happiest woman on earth.
Just a may be.
Because right now, d person is still in d hollywood movies. Hhahha

If only I am KimK that particular person might notice my existence.
Or else.. I will keep asking myself, what makes me 😊.


Armel Aisya said...

craving samosa mak andak

Kengkawan said...

Do come dearest. Glad to hear u r coming hone