Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Semalam was a bit off, so baru pagi ni saya sempat jumpa budak form 4 dan bersalam.
We were quite close last year due to so much time we spent together for PT3.

I was so happy with their results.
Lack of As but at least they learnt about striving for excellent and integrity.
So to speak.

"Teacher, saya dah beli baju Pandu Puteri tau", one of them cakap.
Yang duduk di kiri kanan anggukkan kepala..
Mokcik jumping with joy chuolls!

Saya memang promoted Pandu Puteri kat budak2 ni. Character building club katanya..

What else?
There r 3 new students in my form 5 class. Harus mokcik gumbira sesangat. Nampak pun ada bunga2 harapan diwajahnya.
"Jangan nak buat perangai berbagai2 ye.." saya warning siap2...

On a different note, I smelled something fishy in 'their' treatment lately.
Kenkadang I just dont get it.
You treated people like dirt, ko umpat dia kat belakang, ko mengadu dengan boss then kau berlakon pulak ko yang jadi mangsa
After years, your true colours revealed.
People started questioning your motives n sincererity
Then you started to play safe.
Started anew, by being super nice and accommodating.

Are you out of your mind?
a rat will always smell like a rat.


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