Sunday, January 24, 2016

Big Bad Wolf double trouble sale!

D place is errr quite remote. First time went there, d good thing, ample n free parking space, serene surrounding n fantastic view

The downside, jauhhh kot...

Went with Zati, Ya, Aisya n Izlan. We met up at Restoran Jejantas Sg Buluh. Then mafe a pit stop@Ikea before headed to MAEPS.

Since sampai pun dah around 6p.m, but 8.30p.m terburu2 kitaorang balik.

Orang x ramai, so here is our bill.

The next day we went again. Sesuaila konsep double trouble tu.
We found many books we would love to bring home.

Luckily ada diskaun 5%. Worth it!

Actually I really want d posters n pop art.
Tapi d one dat I want is 49.90 each.


P/s bila sng i will upload d pics

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