Friday, February 19, 2016



Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia is given to ease the burden, using taxpayer money.

So, yesterday I noticed a boy was looking for me. But he didn't say anything as I was talking to a friend.
He cornered me on my way to the field.
"Teacher besok saya kena pergi... tapi saya tak ada duit", dia cakap dengan muka malu2.
Ada orang kalau buat perangai begini, saya ceramah 2,3 jam pasal Pengurusan Kewangan bla bla..
But he is a special case.
Saya bagi je yang saya mampu.

"Saya bayar tau teacher, bila dapat duit BRIM nanti" dia cakap berulang kali.
"Jangan... bayar bila dah kerja nanti" saya jawab.
"Kalau saya nak bayar juga minggu depan?" dia tanya pulak dah...

"Tunggu bila awak dah kerja. Kalau antara kita mati dulu, kira settled  dunia akhirat", saya cakap sambil tersenyum macamlah saya konfem saya akan hidup lama.

The thing is, while others think RM100 for BRIM is peanut, there are families who rely on it so much. It is a much awaited gift. I am sure d mother had plan to use it to buy food for d family. 

I have confidence this boy will remember what I said. 
I am comfortable knowing this boy come to me instead of  mencuri, pau  duit orang  or simply asking around for money.

Once upon a time, my mom told me about a 13 year old girl who always waited at the mosque and asked some money from few people. She was a school prefect, a good student.
I remembered she led d Nasyid group when she was in Form 2. 

I know the family was economically unstable, but if they managed their finance well, d kids will be taken care of. 
Nope.  I  didn't do anything, because I think IT WAS NOT MY PROBLEM.

Little did I know, 2 years later she started looking for somebody to support her.  She quits school and started doing things d girls do to get some money, if you know what I mean.

I never seen her until now. 

After that I always tell d kids, should they need money to eat, I m more than willing to help. I forbid them from asking money from bf/gf or anyone who might have bad intention. Rats!!
Giteeeewww mokcik  membebel.

"Ada budak mintak nombor talipon dua hari lepas"  a friend told me this morning.
"Heh?" saya tanya. Dahi berkerut.
"Saya dah cakap, teacher kamu tu taliponnya dah hilang", dia sambung sambil ketawa.

It is true. I lost my phone. It will take some times I can afford a new one. 
Saya pun tak kaya.
Tapi kalau d kids perlukan duit untuk makan saya sanggup ikat perut.

Cuma kalau saya tau dia beli top-up  telefon, saya bentes  kaki dia!

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