Wednesday, February 10, 2016

An Autumn Crush

The neighbourhood was awfully quiet for Chinese New Year Break. A good move by d ministry when all schools are required (advised might b a better word) to shut down for a week.

With my neighbours are away, I could go out n weeding d grass at all time of d day. Not dat they cared actually, it juz that to strike a conversation with neighbours just not my favourite pastime.  Heh..

To b honest,  my jiran kiri kanan n belakang r very good people.  I've write about their generosity many times, I guess.

In between outdoor activity, I read this.

Once again I drooled on d exciting life created by Milly Johnson.
I longed for a Hallow Cottage with high living room ceiling, flowery cottage garden and country cottage bathroom.
Despite I have no idea what country cottage bathroom looks like. Heh..

But d book is very entertaining.
D characters r so real, I think I would love to stay with them and watch wrestling too.


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