Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kau dalam anganku

Tajuk ditiru dari lagu susulan Pelamin Anganku musnah. Anyway this is not a lovey dovey entry, in fact lovey dovey thingy was not in my list of writing.
However I tried, I could never come close to Milly Johnson's stuff.


Look at d pic

I registered to translation short course.
That is after years of planning to start doing freelance.
Gigih iols bawak bekal segala...
Mana nak tau food is provided.


Since my translation skills is rustic n out-of-date, haruslah mokcik brush up mana yang patut sebelum mula mencari rejeki.

Itulah angan2 mokcik sebenarnya,
To generate income from home.

Hidup Ahmad Maslan!

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