Thursday, February 11, 2016

Oh peony

The other day Saffi n I gallivanting@dcurve.
It is d time of d year where peonies take d centre of deco attraction. Such big bright colours peonies really make d festive season becomes lively.

Untuk rekod, my favourite flower was tulip sejak azali.

 since I watched "Youve got Mail", daisy was my top choice.

When I have #12A, it is d flower which I took from d rent house back in Bagan Serai during my practical training.
Because it reminds me of happy days, that is.

 was never my favourite,  until when I roamed d  surprisingly quiet shopping mall with Saffi n d girls.

Saffi kata x cantik pun.

In fact, despite it was Blair's fav,  I never could understand why it was chosen for d series as big as Gossip Girls.

I mean, peony always reminds me of oriental touch, a sacred flower in eastern emblem (i m not sure myself),  top of all a MERE peony.

Anyway, they were beautifully arranged,  and I was just mesmerised by its delicate (paper) petals.

I do not take any pics.

Jadi balik rumah gigih makcik gugel DIY chuolls

It is from

Takat gugel je le..
DIY n I is never in speaking term:(

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