Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tried as u might..

Sometimes it is so obvious.
Not everyone is a Peter Pan stuck in a child body and mind. We grow up, doing grown up thingy.

We drifted. But somehow our path crossed.
I bumped into few old friends who were so nice in the past.
But then, he/ she turned into someone I don't even know.

Or maybe I changed to someone they do not even want to to know.
It is that simple.

Many years ago, I bumped into an old friends who bragged about her life, her this, her that  and I was like..
Since Norizan Adnan sangat living a frugal life, so I dont think I want to pretend drooling over a Carlo Rino handbag, a trip to KL, a lunch at Mc Donald.
 You must be kidding!

Or someone who have seen how my house looks like, never invite me to her apartment which she mentioned a lot in the past.
 I told her I had a humble abode, which I don't lie. 
My semi detached house is bare, I don't even have a washing machine!
Why oh why ?

I noticed, when one day I was stopped by a certain politician on my balik kampung trip (which my sister uploaded@ facebook with the caption jalan baru, kereta baru terima kasi Dato' XXXY) few days later she uploaded  a pic of her with d car too. It was not new. It was not her (style to upload her car on social media) either?
Why people nak bersaing at this age is silly.
My car is a Malaysian car.
 Kalau kereta beetle tu logik, and her car is not beetle  either.
Oh come on.
 Grow up

 5 years ago, seeing that a friend started a business, I called her up, to book. 
I introduced myself politely and asked for a booking.
Even after telling who I am, tak ada pun tanda2 dia nak menunjuk dia appreciate my interests and all n katanya d shop will b open at 10a.m. and it was ...
somewhere around half past nine.
Like wowww..
So why bother?

There s another who think it is funny to post rude comments on facebook.
"macamlah ko tak kenal aku" came his/her comment.
I know them, of course. But that was 30 years ago. Grow up!

"mesej ini juga dibaca oleh anak2 murid saya yang berumur 13-17 tahun" biasanya saya tulis begitu. some deleted their comment. But most never repeat it and whenever we had chance to see one another, d love and mutual respect is always there.

But then, there is a person who think it okay to be rude in public.
It is okay to be bold and brash about anything. It is okay, but count me out.
Life is about choices, and I choose not to be like you. Period.

Now, d same person lamented how I ignored my closest friends.
I really want to know which one?
Who is this called "closest friends" .

Don't you have a shame mengaku kawan baik and at the same time treat people like dirt and talked ill behind your 'so-called kawan baik back?"

oh come on..
You must be on tv man..

the best joke of the year!!!

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