Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Drama bbnu a.k.a Budak2BaruNakUp part 5

Yesterday,  d Lady used d space again. Saya Xder keperluan dah nak tanya.
Saya fikir, semua benda saya cakap sekali. Bertanya doesnt mean I want d space for myself.
I do have one, under my name. No need to share haha.
So, we were back to our usual self. Swapping stories.
Suddenly,  there were many things to catch up.  It always fun.

Kata kawan kot...
Mestilah cerita..
D funniest thing is, I told him about d kimono Lady in d posh party.

I mean she's married.
" Be careful", saya beritahu dia sambil ketawa..

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