Monday, April 18, 2016


Syukurlah pagi2 I got A soothing text. Jadi tanpa menyiasat saya terus buat meeting tergempar with d Kids.
Pembahagian tugas saya dah buat pukul 4 pagi tadi. told u, I dont hv much time to splurge nak layan orang yang kurang berusaha.

Saya cakap dengan jelas dan nyata dengan d Kids.

" In more than 10 years dis is d first time event ni nak dibuat. It is Hard. Time consuming but I still want to do it. last year, I planned to produce few QG. Too bad, I realised you wont b able to.succeed because we hv no qualified trainer around here. nak ke Ipoh every weekend, laratkah kamu financially!
U might not be able to b QG, tapi d sisters before u pun x sempat merasa apa yang all of u rasa today.
I didn't do ThIs for myself either. At my age, Xder pekdah untuk diri sendiri pun saya dapat from all these.
I worked hard so that my students will benefit from it. Iot is ur time to do something for others."

Semua pun angguk2 tanda setuju. Afterall setiap kali saya bawa mereka mewakili sekolah, saya akan beritahu cerita ini.

When I became Head of Advisor, I tried buat macam2 fun xtvt. check kat Facebook, kalau x percaya. Tapi ramai yang lari ke kelab lain sebab they wont b able to get any certs.
On d second year, I advised 3 Form 5 students to join other club, sebab kasihan mereka x aktif n.x dapat collect sijil.
They refused, instead they asked " kita Xder sijil ye" n it really broke my heart.
So I made some noise n they chose me to b d Ketua Darjah. I accepted it dengan niat, my 3 Girls will get one cert each.
Goshhh turned out ALL the Girls got certs when they involved in various state level activities.

"Jangan lupa jasa 3 orang kakak awak yang setia tu", selalu saya ingatkan mereka.

Saya harap, macam juga kakak mereka yang bertiga tu, yang ini juga akan setia dan selfless..


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