Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kaca dan kaca hehehe

Catatan ini ditulis pukul 3.43 pagi
Saya tertidur sejak pukul 5 petang dan terjaga sewaktu dinihari.
Do I Seriously that much sleep?

I dunno.

D past week I met a lot of People. And I discovered characters too.

For example, I was mesmerized with a speech. " Brilliant!", saya cakap kat orang sebelah.
"Have u heard Datin Xxxy speech?",  dia tanya. I did, but I did not pay attention due to Errr... D logistic intervention.
"i did it", she said.
Turned out she had compiled all d speeches she had written n upload it.
I gave her my email address, harap dia akan send so that I could give my comment hahahaH.

Secondly, someone keeps pestering me to grab d oportunity to further enhance my social status. Like... Hello?
Yang dia perlukan hanyalah follower, bukannya ikhlas mahu groom orang.
Saya senyum and feign yawning sajalah...

Thirdly, from d start I could see how am I going to b treated. So, I took five steps forward by mingling with People who have more power, more connections and more compassionate. Being a doormat is never an option.
Guess, I have come to a point in life where I m so happy n no ones can take that from me. Eh?

Then, I was sent a pic. Without a caption.
What is that for?
A reminder for something?.

Jadi saya biarkan
Tanpa balasan.

Morning peeps.
Life wud b a better place if we read between d lines.

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